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Skin Care
Minery New PureWhite Whitening Roll-on
New and improved formula provides long-lasting odor control plus wetness protection.
Its well-balanced formula containing natural herbal Licorice and Opuntia Ficus Indica Flower Extract
with Malberry and Lactic Acid offers optimal combination of fresh, clean scent for underarm skin with confidence all day long.

Directions : Apply underarms after bath every morning.

Order code G10613 Net weight 45 ml.
Price 105 Baht Member price 84 Baht BV 33  PV 33

Minery White Act Gold Curcumin Cream
a concentrated facial cream derived from THC extracted from Curcumin Longa Linn by nanotechnology with Collagen, Sodium Hyaluronate, Lactic Acid and Glutathione helps to normalize skin cell production and reduce inflammation. It promotes synthesis of natural moisturizing factor which can prevent early aging and fine lines resulting in keeping moisturizing brighten and transparent.

Directions : After facial cleansing in the morning and night time , apply cream thoroughly over face and neck.

Order code G91313 Net weight 30 ml.
Price 1,300 Baht Member price 975 Baht PV 200

Minery Gold Cellular Radiance Serum
is a truly energizing and revitalizing serum which firms, brightens and smoothes all skin types even sensitive skin. This unique serum reduces fine lines and wrinkles which restores a natural youthful look while adding moisture to your skin.

Directions : Apply one or two drops onto the palm of your hand and gently smooth over your face and neck avoiding the eye area

Order code 3051 Net weight 30 ml.
Price 3,500 Baht Member price 2,800 Baht BV 1000

Minery Gold Q103 Brightening Cleansing Mousse
thoroughly removes dirt and oil by effectively washing away dulling impurities in skin pores. Our fine particle technology cleansing mousse combined with Sakura and Gigawhite effects deep cleanses and whitens skins while Squalane and Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 provides an anti-oxidative effect to delay aging skin. Minery Gold Q103 Brightening Cleansing Mousse has Honey Soluble Collagen and Mineral water combined to moisturize and deeply nourish your face.

Directions : Dispense mousse onto your palm and gently massage onto face avoiding eye area before rinsing thoroughly with warm water. Follow with Minery Gold Q103Refining Skin Toner.

Order code 3071 Net weight 100 ml.
Price 600 Baht Member price 480 Baht BV 150

Minery Gold Perfectionist Cream
is formulated to fortify damaged skin tissue which effectively firms and makes skin appear more resilient while offering the ultimate defense against free radical damage. Minery Gold Perfectionist Cream should be used continuously to revitalize your skin to reveal a brighter and healthier look.

Directions : Apply throughout your face and neck avoiding the eye area twice daily at morning and night.

Order code 3061 Net weight 50ml.
Price 3,000 Baht Member price 2,400 Baht BV 720

Minery Gold Molecular Natural Mineral Water
Natural Mineral water is from mineral rich water flowing from natural hot springs. It’s high mineral content can be used to enrich your skin as a moisturizer or cleanser to freshen your skin.

Directions : After cleansing, spray natural mineral water directly on face and neck as frequently as needed.

Order code 3011 Net weight 150ml.
Price 600 Baht Member price 480 Baht BV 130

Minery Gold Q103 Refining Skin Toner
combines the triple power of Coenzyme Q10, Acetyl Hexapeptide-3, Soluble Collagen and Witch Hazel extracts to boost the health of your skin and refines and reduces pore size and inflammation. The natural astringent effect in our toner will contribute to a healthier and a youthful complexion.

Directions : Moisten a clean cotton pad with Minery Gold Q103 Refining Skin Toner and gently wipe over clean face and neck regularly after cleansing.

Order code 3021 Net weight 120 ml.
Price 1,200 Baht Member price 960 Baht BV 300

Minery Gold Q103 Age Killing Cream
This enriched cream contains 3 powerful active ingredient which helps minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while naturally lifts up & brightens your skin.

Directions : Apply throughout face and neck twice daily in the morning and evening.

Order code 3031 Net weight 30 g.
Price 2,000 Baht Member price 1,600 Baht BV 480

Minery Gold Total Block SPF50

Minery Gold Total Block fast absorbing lightweight Sun Block SPF50 provides a broad-spectrum protection against skin ageing UVA and burning UVB rays. The caring formula with Rice Bran Oil , Aloe Vera Leaf Juice ,Vitamin C derivative and Vitamin B3 provides moisture balance while preventing dryness and roughness resulting in more naturally radiant skin. A perfect shield for optimum safety. A perfect shield for optimum safety.

Directions : Apply reasonable amount through out the face except eyes area daily.

1. The use of cosmetic product with sunscreen is only one of the ways to reduce risk of danger from sunlight.
2. Read directions carefully and follow accordingly.
3. If any abnormality occurs after use stop using the product and consult physician.

Order code 3041 Net weight 35 g.
Price 1,500 Baht Member price 1,200 Baht BV 350

Minery Gold   Omega-3 Body Coat

Omega -3 Body Coat is a vigour mixture of Jojoba oil, Soybean oil and Inca Omega oil When mix Omega-3 Body Coat with water will get a concentrate milky water loaded with food supplements, to help skin from nature. Jojoba oil, Soybean oil, Inca Omega oil absorb instantly so coat and protect skin from losing moisture combined with Vitamin E and Mineral Water with so many minerals.  Restore skin to be good condition, skin is moist smooth, supple and radiant, look younger.
Directions :  Pour 3 caps of oil and mix 1 bathtub of warm water.  Soak for 5-10 minutes and towel dry without rinsing or Pour 2 caps of oil mix and mix with 4.0 litres of  warm water.  Pour over body or use a wash cloth to apply the mixture.  No need to rinse off after applying.

Order code : 1011     Net weight  280 ml.
Price 800 Baht  Member price 640 Baht BV 150

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